Thursday, September 2, 2010

Drualt & Filmmaking: A SAVING UPDATE


In a land way way down south more 8 months ago a young woman came up with idea that would change the course of her life forever. 9 more days and that idea will exist in more then the realm of her mind. The groundwork has been laid. 

Step follows step. 
Hope follows courage. 
Set your face toward danger. 
Set your heart on victory

So begins the stanza of a epic poem written by Gail Carson Levine for her lovely children's book "The Two Princesses of Bamarre".  I highly doubt Mrs. Levine would have guessed that some random 17 year old filmmaker in SC would adopt that as her working creedo, but it perfectly summarizes my approach and attitude to the crazy journey I'm on known as THE MAKING OF THE SAVING.

Step Follows Step.

That's how its gotta work. You have to take one day at a time. Be prepared for the next but never overwhelmed. Pull up the bootstraps, lean on those around who care about you no matter what and go for it. Never look back.

Hope follows courage.

I consider independent filmmakers pretty courageous individuals. We don't have money coming out our ears, and the odds are largely stacked against us but yet we're still hopeful...and maybe a bit crazy but you know, in a good way. We hope in the fact that we know we have stories worth telling and that there are people who are out there who want to hear/watch them. 

Set your Face toward Danger.

I've realized that very few things in life that are worth having come without some form of suffering. There's nothing safe about making an indie film. Its a risky business, full of long nights, heartache, rejection, and sometimes even failure.  You need a tough skin and a strong support system. Face the danger of failure, misunderstanding and hardship straight on. 

Set your heart on Victory.

Never let the goal out of sight. Sometimes when the going gets tough I forget why I'm striving so hard in the first place. It seems totally absurd but any artist whose ever worked and worked and worked at something has fallen into this trap. As much as its about the journey, there wouldn't be one if one didn't have a destination. Sitting in that theater, surrounded by those who have labored with me in the good times and bad and watched the titles FADE IN: That is my victory. My heart, my mind, my very being is ready for that moment.


Like so many of my friends have said, I should have been born in a epic movie. :)


  1. Great post. You have to believe in what you do or you'll never make it. One thing that keeps me going is knowing and accepting that there WILL BE people who hate everything I write, and on the flip side there WILL BE people who love it. It's up to you which group you focus on.

    You're dong a great job. Keep going. The finish line is near.


  2. Very inspiring post! 'Set your heart on victory', I love that! I love the movie poster for The Saving by the way. It is incredibly powerful.