Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We made a a Movie Yo! (Part Three)

Sunday September 13th, 2010

(all those involved in production)


Female Lead:  Stephanie Ibboston (Skye Mattheus)
Male Lead: Patrick Hussion (Paul Connel)


Director/Writer: MJ Slide
Exucutive Producer: Rebecca Davis
Director of Photography: Timi Brennen
Location Manager: Stuart Sabin
Sound Techie: Mike "Beast" Brennen  
Boom Mic Operator: Bridgett "The Maid of Awesome" Brennen 
Costume Designer: Apryl Mitchell-Snyder 
Make Up/Hair: Carice Alexander 
First Production Assistant & Script Supervisor: Katherine Payne 
Production Photographer: Anna Moseley  
Production Assistants: Sarah Belknap & Destry Edwards 

Lessons Learned

1. One can function on only 3 shots of espresso from 6:30 in the morning till 2:45 in the afternoon. Is it advised? Absolutely not.

2. Never, never, never give up.  But if all else fails, bring in a mattress.

3. Indie filmmakers have to be some of the most resourceful people out there. We gotta be, cause heck, we're all broke. :D

4. I really should either get a new pair of shoes I'm totally in love with or get used to going bare foot.  (moment of silence for my deceased Mions)

5. Its not the equipment that makes a film.  Its those "random" moments when the sun breaks out from behind the clouds, flooding a parking garage rooftop with gorgeous amounts of light and your male and female leads knock your directing socks off with how perfectly they capture their characters and all you can do is stand there with your jaw hanging opened until your DP harshly whispers "Call cut!" Ya, thats what its about. (yes i know that was totally a run-on sentence)

6. Making movies is hard work. Now...when to I get to do it again?


Told you.

"Being at work and not getting a single text or call about the set blowing up. Feeling good that the crew had it together."
- Rebecca Davis (Producer & Editor)

People thought we were tailgating in the parking garage.
I'm wearing shoes. Enjoy the sight while you can.


This alley is gonna end up in another one of my films.

Stephanie: You brought your sword?

MJ: Of course I brought my sword. I am Film Warrior! *best samurai pose* Now hold this for me, I gotta go make a movie.

She actually didn't really like that sword.


"I had a TON of favorite moments.....but I'll go with the entire last day at the parking garage. I can't think of a better way to spend my time than with like-minded, creative friends shooting a movie. THE SAVING became an action film for an afternoon as we were running, jumping and running some more....VERY exciting!! I actually didn't mind that my feet were killing me about half-way through the day in those oxford shoes! It was an all-around GREAT three days and I'll never forget it!" - Patrick Hussion (Paul Connel) 

Crew and Cast...oh ya and that really big building in the BG

"(Being on THE SAVING set was) The best experience I've ever had on a set due to the camaraderie and everyone's willingness to help out!" - Bridgett Brennen (Boom Pole Operator)

I heart Mr. Mike.

Catch Phrase of the Day: 
"One more for safety." *groan*

"I'll go for the sword, you nab the bullhorn."

Timi and Mike Brennen
"I loved getting to know everyone on set and
hanging out with the cast!" - Anna Moseley (Production Photographer)

It was nutty hot outside. "Hydrate Woman!"

Leave it to the Costume Designer


"The great cooperation of the crew and the awesome visual impact of the parking garage scenes really stand out in my mind." - Apryl Mitchell-Snyder (Costume Designer)

Uh hu, you know it.

I love this shot and I don't even like converse.

Timi & I make a GREAT team. I thought you should know.

"My favorite moment was every time the Boss (MJ) lit up like a gasoline soaked tire after seeing the footage bring her story to life" - Timi Brennen (Director of Photography)


Action Sequence FTW

"My favorite moment was when Stephanie popped up behind the wall with a big smile after jumping to her doom" - Mike Brennen (Sound Techie)

MJ: Oh look! Shoes are back on.

MJ:  Wait, I hear a train. Where's the train?

Timi: Its a Ghost train, see, more symbolism.

IN CONCLUSION:  We went Guerilla. We ran around like crazy people. We ate subs. We killed Stephanie 23 times. All and all...WE MADE A MOVIE YO!

Nuff said.

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