Monday, September 20, 2010

We Made A Movie Yo! (Part Two)


Saturday September 11th, 2010

Lessons Learned

1. THE SAVING runs on Dunkin...ok more like Krispy Kreme but you get the idea.

2. Always slate every take (shot). Even if you have to dig through the back of a Hummer to find the dang clapperboard, DO SO! Your editor will love you forever. Unlike mine heehee 

3.  Situations are only as awkward as you allow them to be. After that, it just gets funny.

4.  I finally understand what the phrase "punch drunk" means (slaphappy with exhaustion)

5. To me, when it comes to filmmaking its very hard to over-communicate. If it feels like overkill then you're probably doing your job well. 

Cool fruit place...yep yep.

I came, I saw, I jibbed.
Don't ask.
If this isn't DIY I don't know what is.

Catch Phrase of the day: "We went to to the moon. Can't we just CGI a scarf on?" - Stephanie

We ate donuts. We shot Interiors. We learned a lot. We had wacky fun. Again, Mission Accomplished.
Day 3 here we come!

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