Saturday, September 18, 2010

We made a Movie Yo (Part One)


Friday September 10th, 2010

Lessons Learned

1. Early call times are a divine gift from heaven. So is Coffee.

2. A faithful creative gutsy crew is the back bone of any successful film. Nail them, love em, and treat em right and you've got yourself a prime situation for STELLAR filmmaking. I am one blessed Director.

3. Stephanie knows WAY too much 80's music and I think its safe to say, she's rubbed off on me. Now only if we could remedy my slight lack of respect for established institutions :)

4. I hate trains. I hate miniature trains even more. I hate old train conductors named Murphy. Forget "Pardon me Mr. Train Man."

5. The prize for raddest most hard working PA has to go to my BFF Katie Payne. She worked her rear-end off and I believe my producer Rebecca is pretty much in love with her OCD note taking and faithful slating at the beginning of every take.

6. There are few things more exhilarating then beating the obstacles, accomplishing all your set out to do in 12 hours, and still have your cast and crew grinning like morons. Tired, warm fuzzy feelings most wholeheartedly ensue.

We pretty much lived on that blasted creek bank for 5 hours.
"All the moments where you could see how well we all worked together and how dedicated each of us was, stepping in to fill spots without questioning or needing attention or thanks for it, being willing to try again and again until we had it right, and laughing all the way through."
- Katie Payne (PA & Script Supervisor) 
We are making a movie, I promise.

Catch Phrase of the Day: 
"We got this."

"While the camera was rolling, I WAS Skye. That was an incredible feeling."
- Stephanie Ibbotson (Skye Mattheus)

IN CONCLUSION:  We rocked. We shot. We didn't kill each other. Mission Accomplished. Now onto Day 2.


  1. Great, great news. Can't wait to here more!

  2. Sometimes not killing each other is the best you can hope for. But hey, you guys went above and beyond! I hope day two goes smooth!