Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Demistifying Indiegogo

Many of you have been asking "Really, what is Indiegogo!?!"

Well who better to answer you then the official IndieGoGo website.  I'm gonna break it down by popular FAQs and tailor it to "THE SAVING".

Before you sit down at your computer and watch my pitch going up this weekend that includes THE SAVING teaser trailer, professional endorsements galore, and my passion for this film bursting at its seams: The Lowdown.

Here goes nothing!

indieGoGo in 1 sentence (ok it might be a run on sentence so bare with me lol)
  • A website that ANYONE can access and allows ANYONE to donate money to projects (like my film) and receive some really neat VIP perks ("Team Patrick" t-shirt anyone?) in return and that lovely warm feeling in your heart that you get when you know you're helping make my dreams a reality.
Q. What is indieGoGo? 
A. indieGoGo is a collaborative way to fund ideas.  Anyone with a project - creative, cause or entrepreneurial - can raise money, offer perks and rock my vision for THE SAVING hardcore.

Q. How do fans (Of THE SAVING) contribute?
A. All projects can accept payments via credit cards and PayPal.  Also, projects with a U.S. bank account can accept payments via Amazon Payments. Plus, you can send checks directly to me if you prefer that route ;)

Q. What are VIP Perks?
A. VIP Perks are my project's way to engage you as fans, build your trust and provide an opportunity for you guys join in on the awesome experience.  They're a great way for me to offer one-of-a-kind experiences, and truly connect with the people who have really feel the passion I have for this production.

Just a few examples of perks I'm going to offer:

Your  name  (Or your companies' name ) in the credits as an Associate Producer! 
    A 1 on 1 Skype session with me,  MJ Slide, THE SAVING's Writer/Director and one member of the cast or crew of your choice. Ask any questions you want, nothing is off limits.

    “Movie only” copy of the film (DVD or digital download) and THE SAVING official movie poster, signed by the cast and crew.

    Exclusive first  access to “The S. Mattheus Sessions” A series of therapy video segments entirely improv-ed by THE SAVING cast. 
      And for those who really wanna send this film to the top...

      A VIP pass (Travel expenses and lodging not included) to dinner with myself and the cast, followed by a private screening of the film upon completion, and my undying gratitude forever.
        So with all that said, you might be wondering "Ok Cool MJ, I wanna donate to your film but what the heck are you using all the money for?!"

        What the money will be used for: Renting of high quality equipment, specifically sound and lighting related. Securing locations, costume/make up design and Post-Production editing. Plus a generous craft service table (My people gotta stay energized and hydrated) and I’m sure my cast and crew would appreciate a hot meal during the long days of shooting

        Well there ya have it! I hope I've covered all the questions you might have about the how one can get involved with the film and donate to it.

        If you do have more, just ask. Bang out a comment or you can hit me up directly at thesavingproduction@gmail.com 

        I'm all ears.

        Thanks for reading!

        PS. I apologize for the odd spacing between the paragraphs, Blogger is being weird.


        1. indiegogo sounds pretty cool. Gotta check it out.

        2. I would give special thanks credit instead, as if you give people producer credit, they may believe they have a say as to what goes into your film....

        3. Best of luck with the fund raising! I'll spread the word!