Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What's in a Name?

Romeo and Juliet might not have thought too highly of names but I have no problem with disagreeing with the star crossed lovers.

It all started from a book I read on Benjamin Franklin. Good ole Franklin formed a society for the intellectual gentleman in Philly called The Junto. Its purpose was to farther creative thinking, philosophy, and the sciences. A group brought together by an common interest. That got me thinking. What better example of a group of people brought together by on a common interest then an independent film?

We're all there with one goal in mind, get the stinken film made and to do it well. That's the thinking behind the Junto part of Junto Ink Films, now onto the ink.

I'm a writer. That's how I started out, writing anything and everything, novels, poems, short stories, articles, recipes, I think you get the picture. And now screenplays. In essence, I bleed Ink. No bones about it. I've always got a pen and paper close at hand (and if not that then my ipod to jot down ideas) My teacher sometimes has to come down hard on me because instead of having Algebra problems filling my school notes books, its random lines from films I'm working on and doodles that coincide with said films. Call me a hopeless nutcase. I'll take it as a compliment. ;)

I think the Film part of the title is a bit self explanatory. So there you have it. Junto Ink Films. The logo for my production company has gone through several phases and I'm happy to announce I've settled on my final design, all thanks to my good friend Paul Reeves.

Paul is a pretty brilliant guy if I say so myself. He creates CGI (yeah How cool is that!?) and he's quite the talented artist. My dream down the road is to make a high concept Science Fiction feature film, my own personal ode to Serenity. If and when that happens, I'm am most definitely hiring Paul to do the model work. Paul is also a actor and filmmaker, I told you he was talented! His latest project Game Boyz is in pre-production right now and I will be closely following the progress of this film. For more info check out Paul's blog here! Shout out to Mr. Reeves, Thanks so much for taking your time to design this logo, means a whole lot to me!

Now for the final logo reveal. Here it is in all its glory!

Slight tweaking of the font from the previous version, making it look more inky. I think it really captures the essence of who I am as a filmmaker. I have all these ideas and they all come spilling out at one time or another.

I leave my mark wherever I go.

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