Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Patrick Hussion, as Paul Connel, the male lead in my debut short film THE SAVING.

Patrick in his own words:

Not unlike the majority of people who become actors and filmmakers....I simply live for film. With that said, I am still brand, spanking new to the scene. Growing up, all of my energy and focus fell on baseball, football and an unmatched obsession with American History. Interest in acting, screenwriting and the arts in general did not even appear on the radar. That is until the film "Glory" by Ed Zwick appeared on the scene in 1989. The film, which covers the first African-American regiment enlisted in the Civil War, had it all! Historic drama on an epic scale, an emotional score by James Horner and inspiring performances by a cast including Matthew Broderick, Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington. I left the theatre that day and decided that I would begin writing the next great Civil War film that very evening.....oh, and buy the soundtrack.

Countless written pages and soundtracks later, films such as this one have continued to run through my blood. I've worked on some documentaries and have had some great opportunities to become familar with the filmmaking process. Late last year, an audition for a small play in Atlanta caught my eye....so I decided to give acting a shot. I can not express in words how much I learned from that experience!! When that production ended, I felt like my right arm had been removed. It was safe to say, that I'd "caught the bug."
So....hear I am! New to the Greenville, SC area, new to the acting world and fortunate enough to be working with a great group of creative artists! Production begins in September......and football is no longer why I look forward to the fall.

I was first introduced to Patrick by his headshot. I'll admit, I was quite taken by it, I don't think anyone will deny that he's a pretty good looking guy, but that wasn't why I was first intrigued, it was his eyes. From the moment I saw the photo, deep within my gut I knew Patrick had to be the one. He has a presence, something so desperately needed for the character of Paul Connel, you look him in the eyes and if he said everything was going to be ok even if the world was crashing down around your ears, you would believe him without a doubt.

I met him formally last Friday and my instinct was instantly brought to life.

Patrick is Paul. Nuff said.

His insight into the character makes me wonder if somehow he secretly got a hold of some of my script notes. His willingness to take instruction makes him a joy to work with and I'm all kinds of stoked to shoot our teaser trailer this Monday.

The journey continues and with Stephanie and Patrick at the acting helm, this gonna be one he** of a ride!

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