Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quick Update


The countdown mentally started for me the second I woke up Monday morning. 5 days to pull my act together for the first promo photo shoot ever for THE SAVING.

At least 200 emails and text messages later and I think we're ready to roll. The team is all pulled together. Paul Connel has been cast (more on that tomorrow!), a Costume Designer brought onto the production and I've given myself a pretty decent crash course in Photoshop.

The supplies for tomorrow's shoot just keeps piling up in my closet. Personally I think we're gonna bang it, just hoping the rain holds off.


Guess whose getting her Film Warrior On!?

Just finished watching ONE HOUR FANTASY GIRL, I like to let films simmer in my brain for a while before voicing an opinion. I jotted down a list of key thoughts and concepts that popped out of my while watching the movie and I plan on viewing it at least once more before putting anything down on paper.

I will say this, it was definitely worth my time. I allowed myself to emotional invest my heart and mind into the characters and was not let down.

So yes, lots to look forward, still lots to get done!


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