Friday, June 11, 2010

Recap/Sneak Peek!

I'm not going to reveal all my promo photographs from today's shoot but I will say this. One is edited, two are not. Shouldn't be too hard to figure which is what. :)

Lessons Learned

1. Apples have never looked and tasted so good.

2. It is possible to make an decent FX scar out of foundation, clear nail polish, and Kleenex.

3. Don't have just coffee for breakfast if you want a steady hand.

4. Love the people your working with, cause your stuck with em. (btw My cast and crew ROCKS!)

5. Always bring water friendly shoes, you never know when your going to be standing the middle of a creek to get that perfect angle.

In Conclusion: We banged it!


  1. Great pics, appreciated that part about standing in a creek to get the perfect angle. I was just reading about Catherwood, an artist, in 1839 standing ankle deep in mud in Copan to get the right angle to sketch the Mayan monuments they were uncovering in the rain forests of Central America. Some things just stay the same.

  2. I love the pictures! LOL! Water friendly shoes huh?! Sounds like a good story behind that one!

  3. Thanks for the lessons learned and pix. Looking forward to seeing the piece. =)