Monday, June 21, 2010

We're making a movie Yo! (part 1)

Ok the teaser trailer for the a film but you get the idea. Planning for the shoot started Saturday of last week and didn't let up until well after 12:00 AM this morning but let me tell you, it was totally worth it!

I cannot tell my readers how blessed I am to literally have a flawless shoot. We arrived on location a little before 8 o'clock this morning and wrapped at 2 this afternoon. No hitches and a few very pleasant surprises along the way that have this young filmmaker still grinning like an idiot.

This was my first official film shoot ever in my life and it simply reinforced all the excitement and passion I have for the art form. I called Action and Cut on our very first take and everyone paused in gave me a spirited round of applause. That was an absolutely AMAZING feeling! To be a part of such a intelligent, talented, uber nerdy (wear it like a badge my peeps!) and all around fantastic group of people is quite a privilege and I feel down right spoiled to tell you the truth. I turned to my costume designer, Apryl Snyder, who had worked on another indie film recently and asked "Is it usually this smooth?" She smiled and just shook her head.


1. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate...and one more thing DRINK GATORADE...with Electrolytes! heehee :D

2. Don't be afraid of running around in 96 degree weather in multiple layers of clothing with the sun beating down on your head and loads of traffic. Seriously, its a BLAST!

3. Know your limitations and then know how to get past them. If you have your heart set on one location, be open to shooting somewhere else, say a kicking awesome set of railroad tracks that you happen to drive past.

4. Railroad spikes make great paper weights. My desk set up is finally complete.

5. Mions are by far the coolest shoe known to mankind and are therefore my trademark foot wear as a Director. You could totally consider that shameless plugging if the line of shoes were still around.

6. Some people say don't have your friends work on your film. Well my cousin like 15 times removed is terrific as a PA so Oh wise film guru you can stuff that in your pipe and smoke it. lol

7. My Costume Designer is just flat out cool. How she manages to do all she does and still keep a cool head is beyond me. Apryl is my hero. Not to mention she digs anime & M. Knight. Need I say more?!

8. Rebbecca Davis is capable of rocking anything, shooting, working gaffer with one those fold up shiny reflectors, being an encourager, steady hand, sense of humor, all out nerd and terrific teacher, not to mention she she got a pretty great selection of hats.

9. Subway, Eat Fresh! All I'm gonna say for now. ;)


10. Filmmaking in late June is hot, tiring, exhilarating, hilarious, stretching, creative, wacky, and you never quite know what your going to stumble upon. Jealous yet? =D

Part 2 tomorrow morning, more stories, LOADS OF PICTURES, and a VLOG! WOOTNESS! :D


  1. looking forward to the pictures! congrats for a smooth day.....


  2. Can only imagine the excitement of doing it all for the first time! Congratulations. And if they're not making your trademark shoes anymore, you better scoop up all you can find right now!

  3. I am jealous! That sounds like it was a blast, challenging, but a blast! I love #3, know your limitations then know how to get past them! That is golden advice right there. Have fun!

  4. Man, whoever says #6 is just wrong. The trick is don't have lamer friends! I've got a pretty steady crew of awesome people I work with, and we trade back and forth. I script supervisor for them, they AD or gaffe for me, and everybody has fun and has awesome films in the end.

    (BTW-I have no idea what my name will display as but this is ninehourfilms from twitter. Your film looks awesome!)