Monday, June 7, 2010

And the Winner is?

After a week of voting for my Film Warriors persona it was pretty clear what the general vibe was leaning toward the samurai sword wielding bad a** herself, Naoto, Blade Maiden!

So there it is. Naoto is my new persona. WOOTNESS! ;)

It only seems appropriate as a Film Warrior to take the persona of one who swore to seek the revenge of who so callously slaughtered her family. That's how I feel about mainstream filmmaking. Its murdering the art form, slaughtering any sense of creativity and repackaging the same two dimensional crap...NOW IN 3D!

I apologize for the rant but I look at my new position at the as indie film reviewer for the Film Warriors as an opportunity to shed some light on the Independent film scene. Its not half as shadowy and unapproachable as so many individuals think it is.

I'm overjoyed to the join the team of Warriors already separating the silt from the pure gold that the rare excellent Hollywood films have to offer.

I'm also excited to announce the first film I will be reviewing is ONE HOUR FANTASY GIRL, an indie film created by Writer/Director Edgar Micheal Bravo in partnership with No Restrictions Entertainment.

A synopsis is included below.


Based on a true story of survival, empowerment, and hope...

A compelling coming-of-age drama that is like no other film of its kind. Boldly honest and thought provoking, the film introduces audiences to the world of a twenty-year-old fantasy girl: Becky Lewis (Kelly-Ann Tursi), who escaped an abusive alcoholic mother at the age of 15 and has been surviving on her own in Los Angeles ever since.

Having always struggled for money, Becky becomes business partners with Chi Trang (Paul D. Nguyen), an aspiring musician, who convinces her to work as a fantasy girl who acts out any fantasy a guy wants as long as there is no sex, no nudity, and is 100% legal. She immediately gains two frequent customers, Roger (Jon Morgan Woodward) and Bobby (Joe Luckay), who change her life forever.

Becky finds herself in a web of deceit, betrayal and murder that forces her to give up her own happiness. Shaken and bruised, yet determined to make it, Becky pushes forward hoping to earn enough money to invest in real estate and make the “big bucks.” Her journey leads her to find an unlikely ally who, for a moment, gives her the break she’s never had.

Well if that doesn't sound like a intriguing/thought provoking film I don't know what does!?

For more info about One Hour Fantasy Girl and The Film Warrior Blog, check out the links below.

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I AM FILM WARRIOR! Reporting for duty.

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  1. Yay for Naoto winning! And wow, One Hour Fantasy Girl does sound thought provoking. I'm off to check out the links.