Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Loving Reminder

I was digging through some old folders for my personal research directed at making Blue is the Color of Tuesday more accurate regarding the emotions that took place during those couple months I'm using in the screenplay and stumbled upon an free form poem one of my older brothers wrote for me when the going was especially tough. Sometimes we get so focused on completing a task, you forget why your pursuing the goal in the first place, it becomes merely that, a goal, but his poem was a poignant reminder of my place, in our household, social circle, and ultimately in history.

I've included it below.

The picture is painted with words. My hand flows.

Down my face my tears fall leaving a salt taste in my mouth.

Echoes answer the questions of life.

Dirt and spit give me sight.

Wisdom wraps my heart in its warm embrace.

The drive home gives me time to remember.

From the past outlines till remain. The touch of first breath renews faith.

Strength is found when you bow with head down. The whispers no longer destroy me.

Built on words of wisdom.

My mind is set on solid ground.

I stand firm as the fires burn around me.

Sister, smile for me. You life will hold a place in history.

Thank You Chris. I will never forget your love and care for me.

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