Friday, April 30, 2010

Indie Hypokrisis

Haha, a big word for a big occasion! Hosted my first real audition today. A small, and very stuffy back room at my local library served as the backdrop as I officially embarked on my casting for THE SAVING. It went pretty well, even without brass brackets to hold my scripts together. ;) (@moviequill will get it lol)

A couple pretty cool things happened.

1. I did my first decent coaching job as a director. I gotta give @burningsuns some props, his advice really came through. Thanks Bobby!

2. Really felt like my vision for my film was coming to life. I got to match up something within the physical realm with the mental picture that had been brewing in my head all these months. Very cool.

3. My BFF KP was there YET again. We both figured she couldn't miss a milestone in my career. Her being by my side was incredibly helpful, especially getting her insight as an actress. Thanks Katie!

4. I felt a sudden flair of confidence. I truly felt like a Director.

I'll have more about the auditions, @livingspiritpix's new book and a web series I'm working on in my spare time (cause you know I have so much of that lol) on my vlog post tomorrow.

Thanks for reading, I'm off to review the video feed one more time.

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  1. so when are you gonna tell us who you picked? and plz reply to my email about the costume stuff- i have a few questions