Friday, October 8, 2010

My Heart on My Sleeve -

My words on the page. The following is a poem I penned very early this morning after these thoughts and feelings had been brewing my head for sometime.

Light up the Darkness

Johnny Boy took a gat to his head.
Does anybody care?

The tears run dry but the blood still flows.

From the hearts and wrists of those who are broken.
Does anybody care?

Families ripped apart, lives shattered by deeds done in darkness.

They wander, so lost in their own fear.
Their own worst enemy. Alone.

Does anybody care? Anybody?

Care enough to step out, take a hand, say a prayer, offer comfort? 
Be a friend.

They stand on the edge of that bridge, or that knife, or that gun or those pills.

Really, does anybody care?

I know you do. We have to care. We cannot let this hope of living life simply be our own. Share it. Light up the Darkness.

There is always hope.
There is always a way out.
Everyone needs a hero.

Be one today.

- Mahogany J. Slide  (8/10/10)


  1. hi lovely,

    it is very strange when stuff like this happens. although often, it is because no one lend a helping hand, also there are neurological chemical imbalances that are preexisting for those who actually go ahead with it. i have known of both. one that is no explanation possible and also where something could have been done.

    all we can do is be mindful and alert and be kind to ourselves and those around.

    thank you for sharing this.


  2. This was very moving. I love how you ended it. There is always a way out, that is so true. Very powerful.