Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Twitter: Get On. Stay On.

Ok so I'm guessing most of you who actively use twitter and trumpet this neat micro-blogging social network as much as I do have been asked that infamous question..."What good is twitter, I mean really!?"

Well I'll sit here for a few minutes and be the Twitter poster child. 4 months ago I was creatively floundering. Stuck in a rut between practicality and dreaming big. I wanted to be a filmmaker, pursue it with all I had...but I really didn't know anyone in the business. Spinning my wheels. Then on a whim, I joined twitter. After doing this my first thoughts were like "Cool, now I can follow the lead singer of Paramore (who has amazing hair btw), Owl City, heck maybe even Joss Whedon might be on..." for some odd reason filmmakers and filmmaking didn't immediately cross my mind. I guess I tweeted enough about movies and filmmaking Danny Lacey started following me and I realized "Whoa, there are like thousands of screenwriters, filmmakers, and all around movie lovers on here, sharing their knowledge with links galore, not to mention some of the just plain funny."

I've gained so much information about the field, made some pretty neat contacts, nerded out over the fact that my ultimate indie film-making hero (Chris Jones) is following me back(You made my day @livingspiritpix!)have the coolest Writer Pimp Angel EVER(@jeannevb YOU ROCK!) and have been featured on a popular writers blog, yeah ALL BECAUSE OF TWITTER.

So word of advice, if you wanna be a successful writer, entrepreneur, comedian, or pretty much anything, creating an account on twitter is totally with it. Build a fan base, people will start learning your name, what you stand for, what makes you tick, and best of all when you put out whatever project your working on, they will notice, which can only work in your favor. Get on Twitter and stay on.



  1. *curtsy* I am thrilled to be your pimp ;)

    Let me say one thing about Twitter that many people don't do right: spend time just talking... not just about the biz, but about yourself. Sit back, relax, be patient and build the trust of a real-life relationship in the Twitterverse.

    No matter how many pimps a person has, if they aren't REAL, genuine, truly themselves, no one will give a rat's ass about helping them with their project someday. A lot of people forget that and focus on pushing their agenda. If we want A-holes, there are plenty of them in real life.

    The people I connect with and respect, and would pimp until the cows start tipping, are the ones who have showed me their souls... all in 140 characters.

    Welcome! May many more like you come to my feed.


  2. this is great, I am so going to post this on my FB page. I hear all the time "Twitter is dumb" and I just smile, boy are they missing out! Thanks for crystallizing it in your post. And I too think Chris Jones is a hero, and now he is a personal friend as well.

  3. This whole social media thing used to freak me out. Big time. Am still partially allergic to facebook. But your Twitter Pimp Angel nailed it -Go Jeanne! It's all about connecting and building relationships. Amazing how much you can tell about a person in 140 characters.
    Nice post.