Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So begins my story...

MJ Slide. First blog post as an indie filmmaker. *brief moment of self applause* :)

My filmmaking journey started a little over two years ago. I have been interested in the art of filmmaking since I was 11 or 12, but didn’t really pursue it because so many people told me it was too competitive of a market and I’d end up with not a extra penny to my sorry little name. So goes the starving artist persona. Since then I’ve gotten over the skepticism. I’d rather be broke and happy then stuck doing a decent paying job that I couldn’t stand.

I decided to give film-making a shot (bad pun intended) and made one 10 minute student film to enter into a local competition. I had no idea what I was doing. No idea at all. Needless to say I didn’t place in the competition and for a while I was discouraged but then it struck me, big whoop its one competition, you weren’t very prepared anyhow. So from that day forward I plunged in headfirst and started reading every filmmaking book I could get my hands (Chris Jones, Guerrilla Film-makers Handbook was one of the first) and making stupid spur of the moment practice film over the weekends with friends. For as many times I failed to create a stellar film I learned some new technique, be it how to properly shoot and direct actors.

For a while I struggled on my own until the Filmmaking Gods sent me the mentorship of indie Director/Producer/ Actor Bobby Shook. He’s my hero and got me off the ground and on the right track. At this point in my journey I’m well into pre-production for my debut short film entitled The Saving, a story about a an accountant who happens to share the dreams of the dead. He must try to prevent a young girl from committing suicide to escape the guilt of her mother’s murder. It’s been a long haul and it’s not even close to being done but I’m loving every minute of it.

Will join me on this journey? I can promise you, its gonna be a dozy!

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