Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Full Circle

 We did it. We actually did it. THE SAVING premiered in front of audience of more then 250 people this past Saturday and I can say it pretty much tops the charts as the coolest most surreal moment of my life!

Everyone got decked out in all their finery and we rocked a two hour event surrounding the release of the film. My mind is still all a bit of a jumble and I can't wait to get a look at the video we recorded of the whole event to really sink my teeth into the emotions and memories that were made that night. Its all still a bit of a joyous blur.

My whole cast and crew, we all worked so hard to get to that moment and since its release so much else is brewing for THE SAVING and my career as a filmmaker it just isn't even funny. It shows that blood sweat, tears, and tons of elbow grease really does pay off. I caught the filmmaking bug a year ago and its only gotten stronger. I'm hooked. The real journey has just begun, and I cannot wait to share it with all of you!


1. You can plan a very successful premiere event without being constantly juiced up on caffeine. Is it  as much fun? Probably not.
2. True public speaking bravery isn't defined by what you DON'T say, its defined by what you DO.

3.  NOTED: Stephanie seems to come with her own built-in fan base. I think its time I set the girl up with a Facebook fan page.

4. Publix makes really really good cake (nom nom nom)

5. A Director is NOTHING without hers/his support system.  I couldn't have done anything without my family, friends and crew. 

6. Trailers before an indie movie strike people as a big deal. Apparently it makes the whole film screening experience just all the more "legit"

7. The kindness of strangers will never cease to blow my mind.

8. Film is such a powerful medium. It opens doors and hearts that have been locked for so long.

9. Citadel dress uniform jackets are pretty snazzy.

10. I am now a filmmaker and I'll be one till my grave.


  1. Congratulations! That is so fantastic, and you look phenomenal in that dress by the way. Enjoy this, you've earned every moment of it!

  2. I watched James' video from Saturday night! It was amazing! Loved how you pointed everyone to the Gospel!