Thursday, December 16, 2010

TV Interview Yo!

Wed. morning dawned bright and freakishly cold. It might have had something to do with the fact my interview outfit was a dress and ballet flats opposed to the t-shirt, blazer, skinnies and converses like I wanted to wear but ya know, lets not get into that shall we :)

Anyhow, THE SAVING cast and crew were invited onto the set of a local talk show that shoots in the downtown area of  Greenville to talk about the film. I can't decide what was more fun, waiting off set creating new gang signs and cracking up at Jack Roeper's fantastic red pants, the interview itself where i was called age 16, 17, and 18 all in like 30 seconds, THE SAVING was mistaken for a play, or the fact that I was sitting with two of my favorite people in the world (Patrick and Stephanie) and we were on TELEVISION chatting up our film! It was all very nutty, and very enjoyable.

We got a chance to hang out and vlog before hand (pardon the random cut off, the battery died) at the exact coffee shop in the exact corner where we held Patrick's audition a good 6 months ago. How time flies.

All and all, more memories were formed, I've decided I'm gonna add producing a TV show to my list of things I will accomplish before bailing out of Greenville and once again it was reaffirmed I work with the most amazing group of people and I am one truly blessed Director.

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